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Chichester Hash House Harriers: Risk Assessment

First Aid Kit: With ........................

Hazard Possible outcome / injury including note on severity and likelihood of occurrence Mitigation

In area to be used :

Uneven ground, uneven surfaces, Slopes/ steps, Tree roots/branches, Vegetation (prickly, stinging), Wire / ruined fences, Water (streams and ponds), Mud.


Trip hazards, falls - Severity med, likelihood med

Cuts and abrasions - Severity med, likelihood med

Infections from mud or water -  Severity med likelihood low


To warn the hashers of all possible hazards


Have first aid kit available


Wash hands before eating or drinking.


Existing injuries




Aggravated injuries and further injury

Severity med, likelihood low

Getting lost - Severity low likelihood low


Advise hashers where appropriate short cuts can be taken to avoid hazards which might aggravate.

Hashers to keep an eye on each other.

Other people/activities in area

Leisure users - Horse Riders, dog walkers.

Stock in fields. Occasional traffic



Threats from horse riders, dog walkers- Severity low, likelihood low

Threats from stock- Severity high likelihood low

Collision with car - Severity high, likelihood low


If hazard appears take extra care around horse rider or dog in order to avoid animals panicking.

Warn hashers of any stock in fields and to avoid causing them any panic.

To take care on roads, and hashers to warn other hashers of approaching traffic


Excessive rain, hail etc



Severity low, likelihood med



Have change of clothes at end of run.


Examples of hazards with the potential to cause harm

NB: this list is not exhaustive; nor will all these be present. It is given as an aid to the person completing the risk assessment.


Area to be used: Outdoors Uneven surfaces


·Slippery surfaces

·Tree roots/branches

·Vegetation (prickly, stinging)

·Wire / ruined fences



·Walls to be climbed

·Litter (glass, used needles)

·Water (streams, rivers, ponds)

·Cliffs / crags

·Traffic (including road crossings)

·Rail / tram lines



·Mineshafts / caves

·Military debris





·Clothing / shoes

·Existing medical conditions

·Unexpected reactions/allergies



Other people / activities in area:

·Walking dogs


·Horse riders

·Forestry operations

·Park maintenance

·Shooting / archery




·Cold / heat 

·Rain / snow / hail

·Excessive  wind



Thanks to Looe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers for this document.
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